Seasoned with experienced SEO, marketing, design, PR and web development professionals, our eclectic ensemble will listen and deliver beyond your expectations.
Seasoned with experienced SEO, marketing, design, PR and web development professionals, our eclectic ensemble will listen and deliver beyond your expectations.

We are storytellers, creatives, music lovers, film buffs, foodies, tech geeks, football fanatics, and much more. This is more than a business, it is your opportunity to Go Up.

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Our culture is built on the premise that employees should ‘Go Up’ too.

With complimentary weekly fitness classes, opportunities for leadership learning and teaching, and upward mobility within the company, Go Up’s founders have fostered a culture that supports growth, learning and wellness.

Beyond employee advancement, Go Up also believes in giving back. Each year the company donates 10% of all earnings to a charity of choice. Read more below to find out which charities we’ve supported in the past.

Our culture is built on the premise that employees should ‘Go Up’ too.


Employee Wellness
Employee Wellness
Continued Education
Continued Education
Encouraged Connection
Encouraged Connection




From school mates to international business partners, founders Edward Coram James and Tom Skinner have embarked on dedication and innovation.

After exploring different directions in life and living across the globe from each other, they reconnected when Ed envisioned the potential of SEO, just as Tom was seeking to pursue a more innovative role outside of his traditional agency.

What started as an intuition about the possibilities and opportunities within Search Engine Optimisation, turned into a headstart on what has become one of the largest and most prominent tools on the internet.

From one client to three, three to five, and five to fifty, Go Up has grown to be one of the most established and well-respected agencies in London, servicing big name brands and household names such as Banham, Hackett, and Arsenal Football Club.

Go Up has recently become an international agency with an office and client expansion in the United States, launching a PR branch of the agency in Los Angeles, California.

Meet the Go Up Team

Go Up is only as good as the clever clogs it has at its helm, and we would love for you to come and say ‘hi’. We are very friendly on the phone, but even better in person. Come and see us in Shoreditch.

Tom Skinner
Managing Director

After a boring stint in advertising, I started building Go Up. My heart is in the Cotswolds, and I love using compasses to navigate.

Edward Coram James
Chief Executive

I’ve spent most of my life between California and the UK and we now have offices in both! Started Go Up with my mate. Love surfing and dogs 🙂

Oliver Stainforth
Head of Content

Go Up’s resident David Attenborough enthusiast, I’m an SEO strategist with a journalism background and a keen eye for quality content.

Cecilia Redondo-Zaratiegui
Web Design Production Manager

Graphic Communication background. I take pride in my attention to detail. I love team time and all things Spanish.

James Barber
Head of Strategy

I’m an SEO strategist, passionate about connecting brands with valuable audiences from the obvious to the obscure.

Alex Wisgard
SEO Editor

Writer, content and social media planner, journalist, and general SEO person. Enjoys words, music, and most combinations of both.

Bahador Katouzian
Creative Director

I specialise in web design, user experience and conversions, alongside playing resident office DJ on Friday afternoons.

David Dozsa

Continuously aim to improve process-oriented development, as well as, leverage latest technologies.

Matthew Finn
SEO Writer

Football fanatic, fan of alliteration. Likes to spend his free time keeping fit, gaming and exploring new places.

Seetal Rihal
SEO Editor

I love writing the weird stuff, finding new angles & ideas. Typically seen wearing classic band tees and glasses, often at festivals.

Jess Stephenson
Account Manager

Agile and creative SEO account manager with a particular penchant for content. My favourite things in life are my cat and David Bowie.

Goncalo Assunção
Account Manager

SEO enthusiast with a technical mindset. Loves Football, Premier Fantasy, Fifa and escape to the beach when possible.

Maribel Ferreira
Product Designer

I’m a graphic designer with a passion for interactive digital design. I also love dancing, going to the theatre and backpacking.

Laura Heffernan
SEO Writer

Content writer with an entertainment journalism background. A big fan of podcasts, pop culture, and contemporary literature.

Shakira Samuels
Account Manager

SEO Account Manager who loves problem solving and always trying to think ahead in the forever changing world of SEO.

Amber Wells
Office Manager

Office Manager & EPA with a background in Marketing. Jack of all trades and interests. Love anything cultural/occult.

Tim Bruyns
Account Manager

Once-upon-a-time English teacher, who discovered his gift for SEO metadata and became a full-time Google-wrangler and Knight of the Agency Realm.

Olivia Silverstone
Account Executive

An Advertising graduate who loves any task that uses both the left and right sides of the brain. Can usually be found with a peppermint tea and enjoys all things active.

Alca Kara
Account Executive

Dog lover with marketing background. Passionate about combining creativity and data. Can be found enjoying a book in the park, especially if the sun’s out.

Brianna Henderson
Content Executive

Creative writer with a copywriting background. Bookworm, writer of children’s fiction. Likes running, watching New Girl and collecting pins.

Matthew Durey

Web Developer who enjoys travelling and football. At the weekends I can usually be found enjoying a nice cold beer (or a Guinness!)

Pippa Woodruff
PR Executive

Driven and energetic PR professional. Can usually be found shopping, watching the latest Louis Theroux documentaries or chasing the sun.


Bug Connoisseur, Escape Artist and acting furry HR Department. Can usually be found hot desking around the office.

Squirrel Dispersement Enforcer

Don’t let squirrels ruin your day. Eat more chicken. Live laugh love.

Our Clients

We believe in giving back

We believe in
giving back

At Go Up, we believe that quality service extends beyond our clients. Each year Go Up contributes 10% of all earnings to a charity of choice. We’ve previously contributed to causes related to education, healthcare, and the environment.