The London Wine Cellar

Wine Investment
“We recommend Go Up as a committed, motivated and effective search marketing agency. We have seen a considerable increase in organic traffic since the outset of the campaign. This has resulted in a significant increase in enquiries and sales.”
Timothy Block, Director
  • 83% increase in search traffic from the start

The client

The London Wine Cellar helps wine investors value and sell their fine wine collection online.

The brief

Go Up worked with The London Wine Cellar to improve online visibility for key transactional terms with the view of increasing leads via their website.

The campaign

Start date: May 2015 – present

Our technical SEO and content teams began by revising site architecture and onsite optimisation.

Once implemented the focus moved to quality content creation, supported by link building. Technical tweaks to the site continued to be suggested and implemented throughout.

The results

Organic traffic grew steadily during the 18 months the campaign has been running, yielding a total 83% increase in search traffic from the start.