Reputation Management

Online reputation management is the digital equivalent of the public relations practice of influencing or controlling the image of an individual or business. Online, the practice involves reducing the visibility of negative search results, usually in Google.

If unfair negative reviews, articles or forum postings on the web are damaging your brand, then part of your digital strategy should include some measure of online reputation management.

In the information era, reputation is critical and Google is king. The Internet has an incredible capacity to spread information, but not all of that information is fair, reasonable or researched. Twenty years ago, when negative press would have to undergo huge authenticity and accuracy vetting to make its way into the public domain, a business would usually only have to fear bad press if it had done something genuinely wrong.

In today’s world, however, it is all too easy for one disgruntled blogger to cause no end of damage to a business, ruining its online reputation indefinitely with an angry blog post. This can often be very upsetting to the business owner, who has fought hard to earn a reputation for quality.

More importantly, it can also severely hamper your sales process. Over 90% of people will Google a business before financially engaging with it. Negative search results often lead to a lack of trust in your brand, and thus reduced sales.

At Go Up we understand this. As part of our online reputation management service we can push negative publicity away from the first two pages of the search results, far away from the critical eyes of the consumer.

This will give your business the best possible chance at recovering its reputation and sales volume.

The Go Up Way

Often, when people come to us for Google Reputation Management it is as a last resort. If they come in a personal capacity it is frequently off the back of a very distressing period. We are here to listen, not to judge. We do not believe that personal information that does not present a clear, ethical need to be in the public domain should be so easily accessed via the Internet, and we believe that Google is wrong in its handling of this. We have enough first hand experience of the distress that unfair headlines, reporting, blogging or reviews have caused to people.

We do not promise that we will work with you, indeed we will not work with anyone that we do not feel comfortable working with, but regardless you can rest assured that confidentiality is a given. We will not discuss your details with anyone not required for the purpose of assisting with your reputation campaign.


Whilst we are very effective at online reputation management, there are certain criterion that must be matched before we are willing to do this, and that we would ask the business to prove to us prior to us consenting to the work:

  1. The negative publicity must be untrue, greatly unbalanced/ exaggerated or provably irrelevant to present circumstances.
  2. The business itself must not be engaged in any illegal or morally reprehensible practices.